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Without the next generation the church dies and so our youth are extremely important to us. Our committed youth team takes care of those in year groups 7-13 and meet on a weekly basis.


The youth group is called “Impact” and within this are two sub-groups “Roots” (year 7-9) and “I-church” (years 10-13).

Impact meets every Friday night at the King’s Centre, 7-9pm, for games, worship, teaching and prayer. Occasionally the group host social events such as Laser-tag, film nights and fancy dress dinners.

Weekend Away

Each year Impact has a weekend away, which includes swimming, low ropes, messy and wide games.


In the summer the group go to Newday, a massive week-long Christian event where approximately 7,000 young people gather to worship Jesus.

Want to know more?

Please call or e-mail Simon Quincey if you would like any further information.


I got saved at Impact! You get to spend time with God and the people there are so friendly.


Impact has always been my safe place. The leaders and people there are great. I enjoy spending time with my brothers and sisters who love Jesus!


The impact group is a friendly bunch. And at impact it is fun and we can trust one another. My favourite bit is when everyone tells there testimonies. Impact are my second family. Everyone is close.


I like Impact because we get to hang out, worship and learn from the Bible.