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Jesus prayed every day and modelled how key this was to his disciples both in terms of His relationship with God and His ministry. Jesus taught His disciples how to pray and the early church devoted themselves to personal and corporate prayer. At times we can find prayer difficult but the truth is that we are dependent on God and 'asking' is a non-negotiable aspect of Kingdom life.

Prayer & Share

This is our monthly opportunity to pray together as a whole church. We meet on a specific Tuesday evening in the month from 8pm at the King’s Centre. Following coffee and worship, we generally have an update about various aspects of church life, plus our initiatives: sharing the gospel and serving the community. And then we pray.

Weeks Of Prayer

We often devote the second week of each new academic term to prayer. Throughout the week there will be a variety of ways in which people are encouraged to pray, including themed prayer meetings, prayer booklets and prayer ministry opportunities.

Culture Of Prayer

Our vision is to have a strong and growing a culture of prayer within the church. Prayer is, therefore evident across much of our church life. For example, Life Groups spend time praying for one another when they meet and prayer ministry is regularly offered at the end of our Sunday meetings.

If you’re local to King’s Church and you’d like us to pray for you please e-mail us at

No More Pain

I’ve been in lots of pain with fibromyalgia in my head, neck, shoulder, back and legs, which affects everything. December was very bad. When I came to church I came to the front for prayer. I sat down and they prayed for me. Since that day I’ve had no pain in my head, neck or anywhere. I don’t know where the fibromyalgia has gone but I don’t feel any more pain!

Ana (Jan’17)

Tumour Gone

My wife’s nephew’s wife is from Botswana. She’s a Christian in a family of non-believers, especially her father-in-law. Nine months ago she was diagnosed with a tumour on her optic nerve, causing severe pain and loss of vision. She had an MRI scan at East Surrey Hospital and they said they couldn’t do anything she’d have to go to Moorfield Eye Hospital. Before the appointment she went back to Botswana, where she went to a church in Zimbabwe, where they prayed for her and anointed her with oil. She came home again and went to Moorfields and…no tumour! Moorfields have insisted that East Surrey provide absolutely every piece of information they’ve got because they cannot believe that this tumour has disappeared. The MRI must have been wrong in the first place, they said. It wasn’t, everyone knows that she had a tumour, they prayed and it’s gone. The effect on her father-in-law is quite dramatic and it really has touched him and made him think. Praise the Lord.

Martyn (Jan’17)

Newday Healing

I suddenly felt I had to go to the Blue Zone Tent and offer to pray for people. Larissa went with me and nudged me in. I prayed for Sarah who had a bad ankle. I hadn’t prayed for someone I don’t know before. I prayed ‘Be healed in Jesus name’. I went back a few hours later and she wasn’t better so prayed again. I came back later again and she said she was healed. I’ve kept in contact since and have helped her with a few things she’s struggling with and have been able to encourage her.

Megan (Sep’16)