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We want to help every Christian within the church to become more like Jesus in character, thought and deed. For us it’s also about being active and open to learn from others, and looking to raise up new leaders, new people and the next generation.

Discipleship is an on-going process that occurs as we share our lives together as Christians and seek to love and care for one another, which we do primarily through Life Groups and our King’s Men and King’s Women groups. Discipleship is also about us taking personal responsibility for our daily walk with God and being earnest in becoming more and more like Jesus. As part of our commitment to help Christians grow in maturity, freedom and fruitfulness we provide a range of courses and resources on specific themes (see below).


Foundations is designed to introduce you to some of the essentials of Christian living, and to ensure that your own personal Christian foundations are strong and healthy.

The material is divided into seven units. Each unit requires you to complete five studies, and then meet up with your personal mentor to review what you’ve learnt, ask any questions and to pray together. The process works best if you can commit to meet every week or fortnight.

The topics include: repentance, faith and baptism, living in the kingdom of God’s grace, spiritual warfare, what the church really is, how to be an active member of a local church and sharing your faith in the world.

Foundations is ideal for new Christians, those returning to the Christian faith, those wanting to refresh the basis of faith, and those who are new to our type of church.

Grace Course

The Grace Course is a seven week discipleship course for every Christian, helping believers to experience, as well as understand, God’s amazing grace so that they are free to be real and bear much fruit that will last for ever.

The six teaching sessions are simply entitled: Free, Innocent, Unashamed, Courageous, Humble and Fruitful. In addition there is a prayer ministry session called The Steps To Experiencing God’s Grace, which is a gentle process that, with the help of the Holy Spirit, enables you to identify and deal with the actions and attitudes that have kept you from living in the daily reality of His grace and fullness.

Grace is such a high value at King’s Church that we would strongly encourage everyone to complete the course at some point. It works particularly well as a follow-up to the Alpha Course, and for those who have recently joined the Church.

Freedom In Christ

Freedom in Christ is an ten week discipleship course for every Christian, helping believers to understand, take hold of and walk in the freedom that Christ has secured for them.

More specifically the course sets out to do four things. Explain the amazing things Jesus has done for us and how we can connect with and integrate them into our daily lives. Explain the nature of the spiritual battle we are now in and equip us to overcome the world, the flesh and the devil. Help believers to take hold of the authority we now have in Christ to resolve personal and spiritual conflicts. Equip Christians to take personal responsibility for continuing to live in freedom so we might grow in maturity and fruitfulness.

We have run the Freedom in Christ Course on many occasions as it is our desire and aim that everyone in the Church completes the course at least once. Our experience has always been that people have found the teaching material very helpful in terms of growing in their relationship with God.

The sixth week is a Prayer Ministry session called The Steps to Freedom in Christ. This is a vital part of the course as it gives people an opportunity to spend time with God dealing with any issues that have been raised throughout the course.

40 Days of Discipleship

We designate a season within each year to discipleship, when everyone is encouraged to sign up to one of half a dozen or so discipleship tracks for between four and six weeks. Recent options have included: A Not So Quiet Time, Time and Money Management, Spirit Filled and Gifted, The Bible Course, Transforming Work and Effective Prayer. We pause the usual mix of Life Groups and Prayer & Share meetings during these season.

For details of all courses, see events page.

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Grace Course Freedom In Christ

It has been like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I know God as someone so amazingly different to what I had formally thought.

Grace now feels very real as opposed to a Christian concept, as it was before. This was the best course I've been on in my walk of faith!!

It has helped me realise who I am in Christ and what God's goal is for my life.

I’ve been able to deal with historic and ongoing issues and now have a structured way of dealing with situations before they become issues.