Marriage Sessions

The Marriage Sessions course is all about giving couples the time and tools to help them to keep building a great relationship. It creates a context to spend time together and talk about subjects which are crucial but that they may not have had a chance to discuss. The focus is always on building a great marriage and learning to use practical tools, which can address potential issues before they arise.

Topics include:
— Cherish (The forgotten vow and how to keep your love alive)
— Connect (Understanding each other and the art of communication)
— Collaborate (Dealing with pressure points and handling conflict well)
— Connect (Love is a choice when the going gets tough)

Marriage Preperation

We're also committed to helping prepare couples within the church for marriage. This typically involves an engaged couple being paried up with a married couple to go through some structured material and discussion topics together over a few sessions. This would cover topics such as: expectations, responsibilities, money, sex, communication, change and in-laws!