Megan Saunders
A life changing week!

I don’t think I know anyone who isn’t looking forward to Newday. A week camping with friends for the kids, a week of respite for the parents… but seriously: July 30th to August 6th is going to be an epic, life-changing, Spirit-filled week for Impact and the 7000 other people headed to Norfolk Showground.

Having attended twice as a youth, and now for my third trip as a youth leader, I am super expectant for what God is going to do this year. Both years I’ve been, God has moved in a permanent and powerful way. We’ve seen broken collar bones healed, deafness disappear and vision restored all during the course of one evening (click here to see what I'm talking about). We’ve seen depression lifted, shame banished and anxiety cease. And we’ve seen people come to know Jesus! This was my own story just short of two years ago, when a friend persuaded my wary, cynical, but searching self to come to Newday in 2015!

I remember thinking to myself, “Well, it’ll be a nice, relaxed week to check out what these crazy Christians believe, if nothing else.” Little did I know that on that Tuesday night, the seeds God had been sowing my entire life would lead me to a revelation of my need for God followed by a powerful encounter with Him. I can’t exactly describe what went on in my heart that night, but I know that I opened my heart to God’s tremendous love and I was left in tears and just knowing I needed to respond to the gospel right there and then.

The best part is, I know that there will be dozens of stories like mine this year. The word God has given me for our young people this year is ‘freedom’; freedom from shame, freedom from illness, freedom from lies, and freedom from bondage!

I implore you - please pray for Newday this year! Pray for breakthrough, growth, healing and salvation. Also, pray for the life-giving teaching and awe-inspiring worship to continue changing and challenging us once it's all over!

(And please, pray for good weather!)


For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 2 Corinthians 3:17 (NLT)