Dale Barlow
Meet Dale and Jayne

Hi! I'm Dale and I'm married to Jayne. We met a long time ago and have been married for quite some time now too. We love a bit of banter and no more so than when we are with our three daughters - Paige, Charleigh and Jordan who we love very much indeed. As a family we have grown up in King's Church and seen many changes over the years. I spent my early years in the Police force after I noticed that they had abolished the height ruling. I learned discipline and critical thinking and have many a story I could tell. If you ask me about them some day perhaps I’ll tell you a tale or two.

I was saved as a teenager. I challenged God to show me he was real and powerful and he did so in the most hilarious fashion. At a Christian camp I’d deducted that if I bumped the long dinner table when sliding a jug of squash across, just at the right moment, the jug would bounce and splash the person down the other end. Lo and behold – it worked! I then tried the same trick again to splash someone else and I kid you not, the jug inexplicably slid back down the table and fell in to my lap, soaking my shorts. At that moment I heard God laughing at me! Hilarious God. A little embarrassed and somewhat damp I found an empty larder and gave my life to God.

I encountered the Holy Spirit for the first time at King’s Church alongside Jayne and we’ve never been the same since. I’ve worked at King’s now for nearly 15 years or so and still find joy in the meetings, coffees and Sunday mornings that occur week by week. Nowadays I’m also involved with our wider church family, New Ground. Anyway, thanks for checking out my first ever blog! God bless, Dale.