Simon Quincey
The next generation at King's

I began working with our future disciples at King’s Church in 2011 and it has been quite the adventure. When I started I didn’t know what to expect but was soon faced with the challenges that come with guiding, guarding and loving young people through their teenage years. I’ve had the honour of late nights, early mornings, muddy camps and first aid crisis paralleled with enormously intense encounters with God in the end room of our King’s Centre in Oxted and beyond. Here’s a few things I’ll always remember about the generations of quality disciples that have developed out of King’s over the years.

I remember preaching the Gospel and seeing our disciples making their first baby steps in faith. I remember weeping with laughter at games of “Articulate” just because someone cried out the answer “a face!”. I remember snotty crying in front of the Impact youth group the week when my grandad died, they simply wept with me and laid hands on me in prayer and support. I remember leaders coming, serving, pouring their hearts out and teaching from the Bible. I remember the gallant volunteers who cooked, cleaned and then retired to their tents shattered over the years at Newday. I remember God meeting powerfully with individuals and speaking to them about going abroad to serve his wider church. I remember the pain of chasing after wandering disciples by text, e-mail and letter but receiving no reply. And I remember Jesus reassuring me throughout it all. I remember a lot of things and I’ll happily tell you some more if you come and find me on a Sunday.

Writing this, one of the first ever blogs on our new website, has caused me to remember the wonderful blessing that is our children’s and youth work at King’s. After all, the next generation at King’s Church aren't just any teenagers...they are Jesus's next disciples.