Claire Blades
Criss-Cross is coming!

Only seven weeks after George Muller announced his intention to start an orphanage in Bristol he had everything he needed – workers, a house, furniture, clothes and money – every item an answer to prayer. He opened the doors of the three-storey house in Wilson Street on 3 February 1836. By five o’clock that night not a single orphan had arrived. He was devastated. What had gone wrong?

It took his wife Mary to diagnose the problem: They had been so busy praying for everything they needed that they had forgotten to pray for children. Having got down on their knees, they soon had 26 girls, with 42 more on the waiting list.

I know how George Muller must have felt. My loft is full of craft materials. The team is coming together. God has arranged a lunar eclipse to mark the end of Criss-Cross. All we need now are children to sign up for our holiday club. Having learnt from George Muller’s experience, we are praying them in.

It’s an exciting time as we plan the four days of games, sport, puppets and talks for the four to eleven-year-olds who will come in July. It’s also a bit nerve-wracking as we wait for their names to appear on the online booking list. Will we have enough children to warrant the expense of hiring Oxted School? Last year there were 78. This year, we are hoping to share the love of Jesus with many more.

We don’t want to do this on our own, for we know from Psalm 133 that where God’s people live together in unity, there God commands His blessing.

Three churches are on board so far: King’s Church, St Mary’s in Oxted, and the Evangelical Church in Hurst Green. We value our relationships with these and other churches in the area and hope to build on them in the future.

So whether you belong to King’s Church or another Christian community in the Tandridge District, join us in praying for children to come to Criss-Cross; and for even more churches to be involved.